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Michael Lubitz, CEO & Chairman, Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc (GTT Group) Speaking at CIP Forum 2011

Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group) announces that CEO & Chairman, Michael Lubitz will moderate and host a workshop related to valuation challenges particular to large patent portfolios and will participate as a panelist related to patent risk management at CIP Forum 2011. The workshop takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden, on May 29, 2011. Mr. Lubitz chairs GTT Group’s valuation practice and oversees GTT Group’s large portfolio brokerage and transaction advisory services.

The two CIP Forum 2011 workshops where Mr. Lubitz is speaking are titled Marketplace Perspectives on IP Risk Management and Trends in Large Patent Portfolio Valuation and Related Transactions. These two workshops address the financial and strategic value of IP within a competitive corporate environment. The first workshop focuses on the variance between IP companies own versus IP they use, and the issues surrounding the resulting strategic risk and financial liability. The second workshop, which is hosted by GTT Group and which Mr. Lubitz is moderating, covers valuation challenges in large portfolios, paying particular attention to issues driving large scale transactions within the context of publicly traded licensing companies.

Mr. Lubitz is considered a pioneer in patent valuation, having initiated GTT Group’s internal system of integrating actual transaction data within a complex modeling framework. The assessment methodology has been deployed across a wide variety of portfolios and businesses to confirm and identify pent up or undiscovered value. Mr. Lubitz is also the originator of the Patent Market Index or PMI, which is widely regarded as the benchmark economic index for patent activity within the United States.

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