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Jim worked for a large public company for 20 years, then started Stratum Technologies in the mid 1990’s- a small boutique software firm in Silicon Valley. Stratum focused on web-applications where companies generated infrastructure to deliver application to end-users on the web. Stratum began working on applications for Healthcare information systems for doctors, patients and Service Providers.

GTT Experience

“Stratum’s experience with GTT started with a short meeting regarding their ability to market the IP through the GTT network. At that time, it appeared as if the GTT personnel were the ‘Right’ people to work with and they had the correct contacts. Stratum and GTT signed a contract for one year to build a presentation and market the ‘6,401,114’ family. This culminated in the assignment of this patent family. GTT provided professional service completely through the entire process, from introduction to the completion of the assignment. Stratum’s legal team was involved from the original contract with GTT to the completion of the sale. We could not be more pleased with the service of both teams. GTT involvement provided the marketing, administration and remuneration for the IP.”

– Jim Jenkins

What’s Next?

Stratum continues to work in the Healthcare information marketplace and is now approaching some aspects of the Financial information marketplace. We continue to file for other patents and pursue IP where appropriate in Trade Secrets, Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents.