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Rob founded V_Graph Inc. in July 1986. The company specializes in software tools, application design and development, and business model consulting. The first commercial product, VirtualVideo, was the first fully digital multimedia authoring software program, and currently resides in the Smithsonian. It was offered for sale before Apple introduced HyperCard, and before the Amiga had operational software. In 1988, after a series of successful trade show applications were developed using VirtualVideo technology, V-Graph created an interactive CD-ROM for DuPont.

After years of trailblazing in the nascent field of multimedia, V_Graph developed strategic alliances with Visionetics, Inc. Mouse Systems, and Mathematica, Inc. Mathematica went on to publish V_Graph software under the Tempra brand, creating bundles with Creative Laboratories and many others. Before the publishing relationship ended there were well over 300,000 copies of V_Graph authoring software in the hands of users around the world.

In 1994 V_Graph started shipping a new Windows based software product, O-Zone, the Object Zone. This is a component based application development system for developing applications ranging from web based solutions, to multimedia projects, to robotic control programs.

GTT Experience

“It was lucky for us we found GTT. They ‘got it’ right away and helped us realize the value of our portfolio in an exciting and yet professionally run auction.”

– Robert Morris

What’s Next?

In a word, Robotics.