GTT Group represents the world's leading technology companies and universities.

Patent Brokerage

GTT has a long and successful history in patent transactions. Whether moving thousands of patents or a single, core asset, GTT is the obvious choice. GTT maximizes the value of our client’s patent portfolios by marketing to relevant purchasers across the world. GTT is the global patent brokerage leader and is strategically situated with representation in North America, Europe and Asia. Using our International Network, extensive research and established relationships, we are able to effectively evaluate the needs and requirements of potential purchasers. GTT is in a keen position to unlock and maximize patent asset value for our clients.

As a preferred outsource solution, GTT has all the world’s key buyers under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Buyers are aware that involvement in our process is not going to result in Notices of Infringement. Parties we represent truly want to transfer their assets.

Our Approach

From the onset of the engagement, GTT outlines detailed deadlines and deliverables. Transparency in our process allows clients full visibility to provide input and feel confident throughout the engagement. We utilize deep technical and market analysis to provide rational valuation and Evidence of Use guidance for our clients. Patents must meet internal benchmarks prior to a marketing campaign in order to prevent issues downstream that might negatively impact value. This allows effective marketing to approved purchasers in a global campaign. Then, proven auction methodology captures the highest possible returns. Full support is provided throughout the transaction.