GTT Group represents the world's leading technology companies and universities.

Patent Valuation

GTT’s industry leading professionals set the standard for patent valuation. GTT’s proprietary transaction database, quantitative valuation engine, patent value index, and consensus analyst approach are recognized as essential elements to best practices in patent valuation. GTT’s proprietary systems and methodologies enable best in class decision making and are core elements of our wider service offerings.

Proprietary Transaction Database: GTT maintains the world’s leading comprehensive patent transaction database.

Quantitative Valuation Engine: GTT’s proprietary valuation engine harnesses the power of its proprietary database to arrive at valuation ranges and confirm or uncover hidden asset values.

Patent Value Index (PVI): GTT’s proprietary methodology enables our patent valuation to reflect market realities. GTT’s team of analyst follow a rigorous proscribed methodology that allows GTT to develop a consensus valuation approach that reflects actual market conditions.

Common uses

  • Patent Brokerage
    Establishing a value to support price points
  • Valuable Asset Identification
    Uncovering or reconfirming assets within the patent portfolio that are key value drivers
  • Portfolio Assessment
    Reviewing and confirming internal valuation and annual value appreciation assessment
  • Best Use Analysis
    Determining best monetization alternatives
  • Litigation Support
    Delivering expert patent valuation opinions
  • Debt & Equity Financing
    Providing valuation support services
  • M&A Related Transaction Support
    Due diligence valuation of patent assets
  • Fairness Opinions
    Transaction valuation opinions
  • Work-Outs, Alternative Financing
    Valuation support to make the best decision

Our Approach

GTT provides two levels of valuation for our clients.

Quantitative Assessment leverages GTT’s proprietary transaction database and valuation engine to identify probable high value assets.

Comprehensive Analysis involves an iterative approach utilizing GTT’s PVI and analyst-client interaction. Analysts conduct a detailed valuation study encompassing file wrapper, prior art, evidence of use, market research and financial modeling. Comprehensive Analysis is ideal when making key business decisions involving high value patent assets.