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Sharp Technology Ventures Retains GTT

Portland, OR

Intellectual Capital and its related company, Global Technology Transfer Group, have entered into an agreement with Sharp Tech-nology Ventures to monetize Sharp’s patent portfolio. Intellectual Capital and Global Technology Transfer will provide services that include “best use” patent analysis, Intel-lectual Property licensing and sales, and new company formation services to success-fully maximize the value of Sharp’s IP.

As part of its engagement with Sharp Technology Ventures, Global Technology Transfer Group is reviewing and evaluating Sharp Technology Ventures’ patent portfolio to determine the use that will create the most value for Sharp. Following that, Global Technology Transfer Group will implement the best use for the patents which include licensing and sales of the intellectual property. In certain cases, Intellectual Capital will form, capitalize, spin off, staff and actively manage new business entities based on Sharp Technology Ventures’ IP.
“We’re extremely pleased to be working with Sharp Technology Ventures. They repre-sent one of the leading R&D facilities in the U.S. with a history of successful innovation,” says Michael Lubitz, Chairman and CEO of Intellectual Capital and Global Technology Transfer Group. “Our preliminary analysis has already uncovered several outstanding innovations in the areas of semiconductor technology and life sciences.”

Sharp Technology Ventures focuses on creating new business development opportuni-ties for Sharp Laboratories of America, one of three global R&D laboratories for Sharp Corporation. Sharp Laboratories of America’s researchers and scientists hold several hundred patents, and add close to 200 patents each year. While most of what is devel-oped at Sharp Laboratories of America is applied to product development by Sharp Corporation, many innovations fall outside Sharp Corp.’s core product goals. Working with Intellectual Capital, Sharp Technology Ventures aims to monetize its R&D efforts.
“Sharp Corporation has long had a rich reputation for developing one-of-a-kind tech-nologies,” says Jeff Sills, head of Sharp Technology Ventures. “Intellectual Capital’s spin-off practice combined with GTT’s expertise in successfully managing IP enables us to further leverage our patent portfolio to allow more of Sharp’s innovations to come to market, and to maximize the value of our IP.”

Sharp Technology Ventures’ patent portfolio includes technologies for digital au-dio/visual systems, multimedia communications, digital imaging, information systems, integrated circuit and LCD processes.
With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Global Technology Transfer Group has helped other Global 100 corporations to develop key patent strategies, build significant patent portfolios, and successfully monetize their patent assets. In the last eight years Intellectual Capital has successfully launched companies in the Information Communi-cation Technology (ICT) and Life Science sectors, and transferred significant technol-ogy portfolios in the semiconductor process, telecommunications and networking areas.
“Sharp Technology Ventures’ patents combined with Global Technology Transfer Group’s ability to identify high-value assets and our ability to convert that knowledge into revenue will lead to a successful long-term technology transfer partnership,” Lubitz says.

About Sharp Technology Ventures

Founded in 2003, Sharp Technology Ventures’ roots are tightly integrated with renowned technology in-novator, Sharp Corporation and its U.S.-based research and development facility, Sharp Laboratories of America. Sharp created Sharp Technology Ventures to focus on business development of intellectual property developed at Sharp Laboratories of America or with other Sharp entities.

About Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc.

GTT is the world leader in outsource patent asset management services focused on helping corporations obtain the maximum value for their patent assets. GTT leverages its global network and expertise in patent portfolio management, technology transfer, and investment banking to provide the highest value result. The company’s management and advisory board are comprised of leading representatives with cross discipline specialization in patent law, business law, intellectual property portfolio management, licensing, finance, operations, business development, marketing, strategic consulting, and mergers & acquisitions. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Portland, Oregon with offices in Japan and Finland. For more information, please visit

About Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Capital is an intellectual property-centric, management holding company. Its mission is to build new companies through a variety of entrepreneurial strategies that capitalize on its core competen-cies in intellectual property development and early stage venture management. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Portland, Oregon.

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