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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
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GTT Announces Availability of Two Key Telecommunications Patent

Monday, June 26th, 2006

Portland, OR

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc., (GTT) is pleased to announce the availability of two key telecommunications patent portfolios. The first portfolio focuses on subscriber services technologies that are currently deployed in the wireless communications industry. This portfolio is specifically applicable to telecommunication service providers on a system level. The Subscriber Services Portfolio includes technologies such as transaction-based billing, short messaging services (SMS), multi-functional subscriber identity modules (SIMs), and changing service profiles based on geolocation capabilities.

The second portfolio focuses on Mobile Radio Networks and includes technologies such as traffic density estimation, cellular handover optimization and short-range communications.

Currently, service providers are actively competing to leverage the technologies disclosed by these portfolios in order to deliver more efficient and effective operations as well as to provision advanced and value-added services. Both portfolios play a key role in the wireless communications market, specifically relating to methods and systems that service providers are currently using and will use in the future.
These portfolios were developed by a leading European Global 500 telecommunications company and GTT is proud to be the exclusive representative. GTT has prepared a detailed portfolio marketing report highlighting the patents, technology and market using its proprietary patent analysis methodologies.

For more information regarding these portfolios, please contact Kari Lubitz, Communications Department, Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc.

About Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc.

GTT is the world leader in outsource patent asset management services focused on helping corporations obtain the maximum value for their patent assets. GTT leverages its global network and expertise in patent portfolio management, technology transfer, and investment banking to provide the highest value result. The company’s management and advisory board are comprised of leading representatives with cross discipline specialization in patent law, business law, intellectual property portfolio management, licensing, finance, operations, business development, marketing, strategic consulting, and mergers & acquisitions. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Portland, Oregon with offices in Japan and Finland. For more information, please visit

Press Contact
Kari Lubitz
Communications Department
Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc.
T (503) 243-1853

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