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GTT Releases AtComm Patent Portfolio

Portland, OR

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc., (GTT), the world leader in patent asset management services, has announced the availability of a patent portfolio in the Information and Communication Technology areas. The portfolio is entitled “AtComm Patent Portfolio” and consists of nine US patents and four US patent applications.

The portfolio covers three technological sectors: PBX Configuration; which provides an intelligent configuration server that automatically reconfigures billing/accounting programs, Call Security; which provides methods for monitoring user’s calling patterns to determine fraudulent activity, and Multiplex Communications; which covers technology allowing synchronous transmissions of telephonic voice data over a network.

The inventions described in this portfolio describe core technology and have been cited in patents assigned to major players in the industry such as Sun Microsystems, NEC, Microsoft Corporation and Research in Motion.

GTT has analyzed the patent portfolio and prepared a detailed marketing report highlighting the technology and markets.

GTT will be marketing this strategic acquisition opportunity during December and January. GTT will begin taking bids for the AtComm Patent Portfolio in January 2007. If you are interested in reviewing this opportunity and the bidding process, please contact Andrew Godsey at

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