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GTT Releases Optical Patent Portfolio

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc., (GTT), the world leader in patent asset management services, has announced the availability of a patent portfolio in the are of fiber optic switches and fiber optic connector manufacturing. The portfolio is entitled “Optical Patent Portfolio” and consists of seven US patents and their foreign counterparts.

The patents in the Optical Patent Portfolio cover technologies associated with the field of fiber optic communications. These patents relate to essential components/modules (e.g., switches, attenuators, etc) found in fiber optic communications systems and the manufacturing processes used to build these components.

There is a large and growing market associated with the technologies covered by these patents. For example, the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) market and its build out with fiber optic communications systems is due to increasing demand for high speed Internet capacity and is driving the lower-level fiber optics components markets. Of particular relevance to the Optical Patent Portfolio are the critical components of fiber optic switches used in a fiber optic communications system.

As a result, the inventions in these patents are particularly timely with their description of improved approaches to increasing performance and efficiently manufacturing cost-effective fiber optic modules/components for a high volume market.

GTT has analyzed the patent portfolio and prepared a detailed marketing report highlighting the technology and markets. To obtain a copy of the Optical Patent Portfolio Marketing Report, please contact Andrew Godsey at

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