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ePackaging Portfolio to be Sold

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc., (GTT), a world leader in patent asset management services, has announced the availability of a patent related to Document Management and ePackaging.

There is a large and growing market associated with ePackaging technology. ePackaging systems are a component of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), which, over the last few years, has become a strategic priority for companies in every industry.

The US patent in the ePackaging Patent Portfolio covers technologies associated with the creation and use of electronic containers. The electronic containers provide a convenient method for packaging and transferring data and information between parties. Electronic containers existing prior to the ePackaging Patent Portfolio were typically very limited in how the data was packaged and indexed. Further, there was very little control over how the data was accessed or used after being shared with another party.

The claims of the patent are directed towards a system and method of facilitating a transaction using an electronic container. The type of transaction being facilitated is not limited by the claims. Thus the transaction could be between businesses, individuals, businesses and customers, and so forth.

GTT has analyzed the patent portfolio and prepared a detailed marketing report highlighting the technology and markets. To find out more information about this patent acquisition opportunity, please contact Andrew Godsey at

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