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Social Networking Patent Portfolio to be sold by GTT

Portland, OR

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc., (GTT), a world leader in patent asset management services, has announced the availability of a patent portfolio dealing with social networking. This “Social Networking Patent Portfolio” consists of one US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) allowed patent application with a priority date of February 29, 2000, along with a number of related US and Foreign filings.

The invention described in the Social Networking portfolio is primarily focused on providing an improved method for alerting users of online groups or networks to others within the group or network that have common or compatible characteristics. Compatibility processing is performed without requiring direct intervention by users, and information associated with compatible users is automatically provided to the users. Compatibility can be determined based on a variety of criteria, such as personal characteristics and physical location.
GTT has analyzed the patent portfolio and prepared a detailed marketing report highlighting the technology, potential markets and direct evidence of use in the marketplace.

Given the wide breadth of the independent claims, the Social Networking Patent Portfolio is useful to not only major internet companies providing such applications, but also wireless service providers and device manufacturers that enable social networking on mobile devices.

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