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Challenges in Patent Valuation

Is patent valuation part of your IP transaction process??

Innovators around the world are giving up assets without doing proper valuation, creating a competitive market or discovering relevant purchasers. The seller that does not examine value prior to selling will leave significant “money on the table”. Similarly, purchasers struggle to ascertain the price they should offer for patent assets.

GTT is planning to announce the availability of its patent transaction database and valuation engine. The main reason we are providing increased accessibility to our in-house analytical tools is the need for some rational valuation basis before a seller or purchaser decide to enter into a transaction.

Many times potential purchasers do not know the appropriate offer to make regarding assets they wish to acquire and, as a result, do nothing. Likewise, many sellers never conduct a valuation study before transferring their assets.

Use of GTT’s valuation services will help provide sellers and purchasers with guidance to make sound business decisions.