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Strategic Patent Acquisition

An integral part of your litigation defense

GTT has always been doing work in this area, whether our clients were looking for additional operational freedom or fending off patent litigation. Lately, we have been working on an educational campaign to provide counsel with awareness as to the benefit of patent acquisition strategy as a required tool to bring litigation to conclusion and even to prevent litigation from ever happening. Many corporate counsels and in-house patent managers have asked us when should they contact GTT regarding patent acquisition. I have always answered this question with a simple answer: if your objective is to minimize expense, then contact us when you first identify the potential issue. Obviously, if we can put out the fire before it starts, the client avoids the litigation associated expenses and potential business threat. However, even if the matter has entered litigation, we can assist to limit or end the business threat.

Similarly, many clients have asked us how to deploy a patent acquisition strategy related to non-practicing entities. GTT has developed a unique strategy related to such situations. If you are further interested we can discuss in additional detail and determine whether GTT is in a position to assist.