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GTT to Sell Object Oriented Programming Patent Portfolio

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc., (GTT), a leader in patent asset management services, has announced the availability of a patent portfolio relating to mainstream object oriented programming languages, development platforms for such languages, modern web browsers and web servers. Object oriented programming is widely used today, both in desktop and Internet applications.

Examples of object oriented programming languages and engines are Javascript, VBScript, and ASP.NET. Object oriented programming languages and engines represent what the majority of commercial websites use. Popular object oriented development platforms include Adobeʼs Dreamweaver and Microsoftʼs Visual Studio. The portfolio includes two issued, and one pending application (US). The patents each claim a priority date of November 16, 1994. This is an early priority date for web-based object oriented programming. Javascript, for example, was developed in 1995 and released in 1996.

The patents in the Object Oriented Programming portfolio broadly apply to object oriented languages, development platforms, and applications. Specifically, the patents cover the process of interpreting code such that objects are kept separate from the steps of the execution process. This is a core characteristic of how modern script-based object oriented languages function. As such, the patents have very wide applicability. The claims of the patents also apply beyond websites and development tools, as object oriented languages are widely used elsewhere. Some engineering simulation packages, for example, also use script-based object oriented code and may fall within the scope of the claims.

“Object oriented programming has played a key role in the development of modern website design,” explains Michael Lubitz, CEO & Chairman of GTT. “The potential market value for this portfolio is significant and we expect a very active private auction.”

To receive more information about this opportunity or to obtain a copy of the Telecommunications Patent Portfolio Marketing Report, please contact Andrew Godsey at:

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