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New Google Application

Andrew Godsey, VP Sales

Here at GTT, our daily involvement in the transferring and valuation of patents gives us valuable insight into technology trends.

Last week a Google application was published at the USPTO titled “Flexible Communication Systems and Methods”, which essentially allows smartphone users to force mobile operators to compete for their services.

The application allows for devices to operate on a variety of networks. When a mobile device has a need for a service (e.g. Wi-Fi, WiMax, cellular, etc.), a listing of the service providers and their prices are sent to the device for the user to decide which service to use, giving the consumer more power over their provider source as well as providing price competition in the market.

This technology will create an environment that is in stark contrast to current provider operations. In the US, there are relatively few telecommunication service providers and it may take some time for the invention to have a substantial impact unless a user has multiple Wi-Fi hotspot choices. On a global level the invention should have a more immediate impact, for example, in Europe where users have to regularly switch between networks as they travel between countries.