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Selling to NPEs

Dan Buri, JD

There has been some recent buzz about the WSJ article on Nathan Myhrvold’s firm Intellectual Ventures. “Tech Guru Riles the Industry by Seeking Huge Patent Fees”-

The reaction in the industry has been mixed. With patent asset sales being one of our core services, this article does not go unnoticed at GTT.

Whenever we market and sell a patent portfolio, we give our clients complete access to every step of the process and ask for their input at all critical stages. One way in which we keep our clients intimately involved in the process is that GTT always gets approval before contacting a potential purchaser. Many clients strive for the most competitive bidding environment they can find, which would most certainly involve contacting all non-practicing entities (NPEs) that have interest. Some clients, however, desire to not market to NPEs and we honor these desires.

Continued investment into companies like IV is a good indication of the strength of the patent monetization market. With each patent portfolio sale, GTT strives to create the most competitive bidding environment possible. Our foremost goal, however, is to dutifully serve our clients. If this means refraining from contacting NPEs, we honor our clients’ desires.