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Top Assignees in 2008

Andrew Godsey, VP Sales

IBM led the list of companies that received patents in 2008 for the 16th year in a row. IBM received 4,186 patents in 2008 which makes it the first company to receive 4,000 patents in a year according to IFI Patent Intelligence.

The total number of patents issued in 2008 was 157,774. With IBM leading the pack, the other top ten include Samsung (3,515), Canon (2,114), Microsoft (2,030), Intel (1,776), Matsushita (1,745), Toshiba (1,609), Fujitsu (1,494), Sony (1,485) and HP (1,424).

It will be interesting to see the total number of patents issued in the future with firms like HP and IBM saying they will focus on patent quality over quantity. The USPTO saw a 6% increase in patent applications to 466,147 in 2008 so it is hard to imagine the total number of patents being issued per year going down anytime soon.

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