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Multimedia Identification Portfolio Offered by GTT

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT), the world leader in patent asset services, announces the availability of the Multimedia Identification Patent Portfolio.

The patent portfolio consists of two US patents, two pending US continuation applications and one issued European patent. The portfolio discloses methods on how audio, video, and multimedia content can be quickly and accurately identified based on a sample that includes just a portion of a complete work. It can be applied to content provided from any number of sources including radio stations, Muzak providers, film, television, streaming videos, uploaded or shared content, compact disks (CDs), digital video disks (DVDs), etc. In practice, the invention has a great number of applications. It may be used for copyright infringement detection by scanning audio or video content such as that shared on peer-to-peer networks. It can also examine streamed audio or video. The invention may further be used for auditing purposes, examining broadcast material to determine what content is being played, or how often advertisements are included.

Additionally, the portfolio specifically discloses a method of identification of audio samples using a hand held device, such as a cell phone. This service allows consumers to record audio using their cell phones and then be notified of the title and other song information.

“Multimedia identification plays a major role in the fields of social networking, video sharing, cellular telephone providers, copyright enforcement, and advertising auditing,” said Michael Lubitz, CEO and Chairman of GTT. “We expect substantial market value based on the large number of applications to which this technology applies.”

In April, GTT will be holding a private auction for the purposes of selling the Multimedia Identification portfolio. To receive a marketing report for the portfolio or information about placing bids for the portfolio, please contact Andrew Godsey at:

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