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Removing Speculation from Patent Valuation

Dan Buri, JD

Over the past few months, GTT has fielded countless inquiries from CEOs, CFOs and CIPOs wondering what the value of their patents might be. Some have asked for valuation guidance regarding the sale of specific patents in the current market. Others have simply presented GTT with their patent portfolios to determine or gain a third party opinion as to value and to uncover monetization opportunities. Simply put, they ask us, “What’s it worth?”

GTT’s patent asset services consist of patent brokerage, patent acquisition, patent valuation, patent-leveraged M&A, alternative financing options, and licensing support. Our clients have included career inventors, entrepreneurs, small-cap companies and Global 50 Corporations. We regularly consult with the world’s leading technology companies on a variety of matters ranging from patent asset divestment strategies to strategic initiatives. At the heart of all these services, however, is patent valuation. While many refer to GTT as a patent brokerage, in reality we are a patent valuation firm that has a very successful best in class patent brokerage arm. There is a reason executives continue to come back to GTT with their patent valuation needs. Our valuation capabilities are of the highest quality.

GTT’s patent valuation expertise began when Michael Lubitz first started our IP transaction history database over a decade ago. From day one, GTT has used that data to identify common characteristics in valuable patents, going far beyond the relatively simple “forward citation valuation models” of the time. Starting in 2004, GTT began offering our clients valuation services, including access to our internal valuation tools and methodologies, and it has become an advisory cornerstone.

GTT offers a range of valuation services. The cost-effective quantitative valuation, which utilizes GTT’s proprietary database, is an efficient tool our clients use to gain insight into their patent asset holdings. The quantitative assessment identifies and confirms high value assets within a portfolio, providing an value indicator as well as a value range. For select assets that exhibit high value potential, GTT offers its comprehensive valuation. The comprehensive valuation includes prosecution history review, external prior art analysis, evidence of use determination, and best use strategies. The final valuation decision represents a consensus opinion from several GTT analysts. The consensus opinion is especially important, as it tends to reflect actual market variables. Ultimately, GTT’s valuation engagements are always tailored to the specific needs of each individual client, which allows the client to receive the information that puts them in the best position to make difficult IP decisions.

Valuing intellectual property assets is speculative, and patents assets are no different. Ultimately, however, GTT’s patent valuation service removes a significant degree of the speculation associated with patent asset-based business decisions.