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Interactive Voice Response Portfolio

Portfolio Available!

GTT announces the availability of a fundamental patent asset in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) space. The patented technology comprises an essential element within call-based authentication systems. The invention details a method by which a provider is able to manage subscriber access to a fee-based service and is used in many interactive voice response (IVR) platforms. GTT has uncovered substantial use of this patented technology in the IVR and customer service provider segments.

Automated call and authentication systems are a vital element of many customer service programs. This patent covers technologies that enable access to restricted content by verifying a subscriber’s qualifying information. In one embodiment, the subscriber qualifies for the restricted service by entering credit card information. The 1995 priority date places this patent well ahead of other industry inventions.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this select asset acquisition opportunity,” states Michael Lubitz, CEO and Chairman of GTT.

GTT is currently entertaining acquisition offers. To receive additional information regarding this opportunity, please contact Dan Buri at All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.