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GTT Announces Latest Patent Market Index (PMI)

Portland, OR Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT), the world leader in patent asset services, announces the latest release of its proprietary index to measure patent transaction marketplace activity. The PMI for the second quarter of 2009 showed marked improvement, but is still significantly down from 2007 levels. Bright spots included fourth generation wireless and smartphone related assets.

The Patent Market Index (PMI) measures patent transaction activity. The activity level tends to reflect economic activity related to patent assets and is a barometer as to the general health of the patent related transaction marketplace.

“GTT’s proprietary tools give our firm an edge in accurately determining market activity and trending key statistics,” states Michael Lubitz, CEO and Chairman of GTT. “This, in turn, allows GTT to provide realistic market outlooks to our clients when determining current asset value and best use scenarios.”

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