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GTT Releases Q3 2009 Patent Market Index (PMI)

Portland, Oregon (March 9, 2010) – Today Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT), the world leader in
patent assent services, released the Q3 2009 Patent Market Index (PMI), an index of patent transaction activity and trends in the patent marketplace.

The Q3 2009 PMI continues the lower index levels of the past 15 months compared to average index levels of
2007. The Q3 2009 PMI level of 52 represents a partial recovery from the low index level of Q1 2009, but is a
slight decrease from the Q2 2009 level. The decrease in level from Q2 2009 takes into account the additional late release data from the USPTO which boosted the Q2 2009 data 37%.

Regardless of the current results and observed activity in next generation wireless broadband related
technologies and other hotspots, GTT remains conservative regarding prospects in the patent asset transaction sector for 2010. Patent assignments continue to show weakness compared to 2007, although the drastic decline appears to have settled through this quarter.

“Using our proprietary tools, we have an edge in accurately determining market activity and trending key
statistics,” states Michael Lubitz, CEO and Chairman of GTT. “This way we provide realistic market outlooks to
our clients when determining current asset value and best use scenarios.”

The Q3 2009 PMI shows data on patent asset transfers, notable patent asset transactions, and public auction results. University technology transfers are also followed for the top ten universities by patent assignments, both for internal patent activity and external commercialization.

Obtain a copy of the Q3 2009 PMI by subscribing to the Quarterly Patent Transaction Market Report and Patent Market Index.

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