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GTT Announces Patent Portfolio Acquisition Opportunity Related to Video Game and Movie Animation

Portland, Oregon (August, 2010) — Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT) announces the availability of the Stormfront Character Animation Patent.

The Stormfront Character Animation patent describes a way of making animated characters in video game and movies appear more lifelike and fluid. The patent accomplishes this by using Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) and nodes to control animations. Animation software packages that enable blending, animation overlays, and transformation, leverage DAG and the technology disclosed in the Stormfront Character Animation patent.

In the 1990’s, most animation was generated by repeating loops, and were often dependent on forcing the character back to a base “hero pose” between animations. For example, a baseball player would catch a ball, hero pose, throw the ball, and then return to a hero pose. Hero poses made development easy, but the characters appeared unnatural as a result since humans motions are much more random and unpredictable. The Stormfront Character Animation patent was a clear departure from the very limited animation techniques being used at the time. Sophisticated animation blending appeared around 2002, well after the filing of the patent in 2000.

The claims of the patent are applicable to many different modern video game and animation products. The claims may also be applicable to animation platform providers. Modern animation techniques require advanced software packages, which frequently offer DAG implementations as part of studio implementations. Because of the strength of the claims and the well developed detailed description, the patent is applicable to a wide range of companies involved in 3D animation.

GTT will be approaching potential buyers at the beginning of September and providing materials explaining the strategic advantages for acquiring the Character Animation patent. In addition, GTT’s patent experts will be available to discuss the strengths of the patent and evidence of use in the 3D animation industry.

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