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GTT Announces the Availability of the GTT Value Guide to the ICAP Ocean Tomo 2010 Fall Patent Auction

Portland, Oregon (September, 2010) — Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT) is pleased to announce the availability of the GTT Value Guide to patents for sale at the ICAP Ocean Tomo 2010 Fall Auction. The GTT Value Guide provides initial value ranges and most probable values for all issued U.S. patents available for purchase at the November auction.

GTT’s Value Guide is key to understanding which available patents hold the greatest value or pose the highest potential risk to interested parties. Value Guide subscribers are then able to focus resources on the most relevant patent assets for due diligence purposes.

GTT’s Value Guide is updated as new lots become available. Subscribers have the option to enroll in GTT’s notification package. The notification package provides subscribers alerts related to tracking assignment changes and reported purchase values of individual lots. Assignment alerts are available on an ongoing basis through the end of Q1 2011.

GTT’s Value Guide was developed independent of ICAP Ocean Tomo and was not commissioned by ICAP Ocean Tomo or its representatives. GTT and ICAP Ocean Tomo are in no way affiliated.

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