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GTT Group Announces The Availability Of Round Rock Research Patent Portfolio Valuation Study

Portland, Oregon (November, 2010) – GTT Group is pleased to announce the availability of the Round Rock Patent Portfolio Valuation Study. The study outlines monetary valuations associated with each asset in the Round Rock Portfolio and emphasizes high value assets. The study provides insight into the portfolio’s overall value and is essential in understanding which assets within the portfolio pose the greatest potential risk or value. Subscribers will receive the patent valuation study along with a sort-able data sheet for further analysis.

“There has been much discussion of the Round Rock Patent Portfolio and the value associated with the transfer from Micron to Round Rock. GTT Group’s objective has been to create transparency and allow subscribers to make informed business decisions,” commented Michael Lubitz, GTT Group’s CEO and Chairman. “We regard the Round Rock Study as an industry essential publication and a natural evolution from the Nortel Study published in July of this year.”

For additional information related to the study including subscription information, please contact Dan Buri at GTT Group. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

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