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GTT Group Announces The Availability Of Nortel Patent Study Update

Portland, Oregon (December, 2010) – GTT Group is pleased to announce the availability of the Nortel Patent Study Update. The study emphasizes high value assets, and monetary valuations associated with each asset in the Nortel Patent Portfolio. The study is integral to confirming which assets within the portfolio pose the greatest potential risk or value and gaining insight into the portfolio’s overall value. As there have been several published reports indicating that the Nortel Patent Auction is in its final stages, the data in GTT Group’s study update will be invaluable as parties determine their final bidding strategy.

“The original Nortel Patent study was accompanied by intense interest and activity. For any party actively involved in acquiring the Nortel portfolio, the patent study represents an essential decision support tool”, remarked Michael Lubitz, GTT Group’s CEO and Chairman.

For additional information related to the study including subscription information, please contact Dan Buri at GTT Group. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

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