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Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group) Announces Patent Acquisition Opportunity Related to Voice and Data Technology

Portland, Oregon (April 2011) — Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group) announces the availability of a broadband communications patent portfolio related to powerline, RF, and noise cancellation technologies. These technologies apply to a variety of devices such as set top boxes, routers, telephones, VoIP and video game consoles.

The technologies are actively deployed in media content delivery systems in North America and also represent an acquisition opportunity covering technology actively deployed in the consumer broadband sector. Several of the patented inventions have also been adopted in Powerline Communication standards and implemented in consumer electronic devices.

The portfolio consists of 23 issued US patents and 5 US patent applications. The portfolio can be classified into four technology areas: Telephone Communication Systems, Networking Communication Systems, AC Powerline Communication Methods and Powerline Communication Devices.

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