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Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group) Announces Top 10/1000 Valuable Patents of 2011

Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group) is pleased to announce this year’s annual listing of Top 10/1000 Valuable Patents. GTT Group’s annual listing identifies the Top 10 Value Holders among the Top 1000 US Patent Assets.

GTT Group uses their proprietary Computational Value System platform and transaction database to identify the most likely contributors to innovation and value based on marketplace transaction data. The report also aggregates ownership of the Top 1000 assets by non-practicing entity, individual inventor, practicing entity, and academia.

Intel repeats as the value leader among premium asset holders, leading a list that includes Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and Texas Instruments. This measurement is based on the total value of held assets from the list of the 1000 most valuable assets. Also included is a ranking of the top 20 assets by value.

“With our second annual Top 10/1000 report, we extend this new annual benchmark in patent assets, helping those interested to identify innovation and value“, remarked Michael Lubitz, GTT Group’s CEO and Chairman. “The Top 10/1000 uses comparable transaction data to surpass legacy volume rankings as a measure of significant activity based on asset quality.”

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