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Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group) Announces the Availability of the Hands-Free User Interface Patent Acquisition Opportunity

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group) has announced the availability of the Hands-Free User Interface Patent Acquisition Opportunity, which is related to the gesture recognition, voice recognition, neuro-linking and eye tracking markets.

The Hands-Free User Interface patent describes a method, system, and device that can enable users to navigate a displayed menu without the need to use a controller or mouse. Examples of input methods can include gesturing with a hand, speaking, or even just looking at an item on a screen.

GTT Group has prepared evidence of use materials to illustrate how the patent has been adopted across several industries. The evidence of use materials will be made available to interested parties under non-disclosure and non-notice provisions.

“GTT Group has seen an intense interest from a number of companies in acquiring user interface technology,” commented Michael Lubitz, CEO & Chairman of GTT Group.

GTT Group will be approaching potential buyers and providing materials explaining the strategic advantages of acquiring the portfolio. In addition, GTT Group’s experts will be available to discuss the strengths of the patents and evidence of use in the market.

To receive more information about this opportunity, please contact Andrew Godsey. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

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