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Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group) Announces the Availability of the LED Patent Landscape Study—The Silent Patent War

On the 50th anniversary of the invention of the light emitting diode (LED), Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group) is pleased to announce the availability of the LED Patent Landscape Study—The Silent Patent War.

The LED Patent Landscape Study provides a detailed look into the patent ownership, patent litigation, and the licensing efforts that quietly wage around light emitting diode technologies. The study encompasses nearly 25,000 patents related to LED technologies and includes: 1) detailed descriptions of major patent litigations occurring in the LED space; and 2) recent patent transaction data.

GTT Group details the market participants with a dominant ownership stake in the LED patent space and the entities that own the most valuable patent portfolios. An overview of recent filing trends throughout the last decade provides insight into the growth of the market.

The landscape study includes a detailed data sheet providing patent numbers, assignment information and preliminary value guidance.

For additional information related to the study including subscription information, please contact Dan Buri. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

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