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Andrew Godsey, Director Asset Services of Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group), to Speak at Energize 2013 Summit

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group) is pleased to announce that Andrew Godsey, Director Asset Services, will serve as an instructor at the Inaugural Energize 2013 Summit this April 11&12 in Snowbird, Utah. Energize is an invitation only event hosted by the Energy Commercialization Center of the University of Utah.

Mr. Godsey will lead a workshop covering IP Protection and Commercialization. Mr. Godsey will also serve as a judge in the cleantech venture competition.

Since joining GTT Group, Mr. Godsey has managed dozens of global patent related transactions including comprehensive valuation analyses, patent asset sales, and strategic acquisitions. Mr. Godsey has been part of GTT Group’s lead transaction advisory team for every major patent transaction in the last three years including Nortel and AOL.

Andrew Godsey, Director Asset Services of GTT Group, to Speak at Energize 2013 Summit