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GTT Group Announces the Availability of the MIPS Patent Study

GTT Group, the premier provider of patent analysis and transaction advisory services to information and communication technology companies worldwide, is releasing a value guide for parties interested in acquiring the MIPS Patent Portfolio. The patented MIPS technology has broad applicability to mobile device chip architecture, memory, processor design and manufacture.

Allied Security Trust (AST) recently announced that Bridge Crossing LLC, a company affiliated with AST, will sell the patents it purchased for $350 million on February 7, 2013 from MIPS Technologies. GTT Group’s MIPS Value Guide provides definitive value guidance concerning the applicability of the patent portfolio and exemplary assets and supplements GTT Group’s previously released MIPS Patent Study.

The MIPS Patent Study, originally released in June 2013, provides a detailed look at the patent monetization efforts previously conducted by MIPS and analyzes the degree of patent risk for unlicensed parties related to the transfer of patent assets to Bridge Crossing. The MIPS Value Guide now supplements the MIPS Patent Study, offering additional insight into the patent risk for unlicensed parties and provides definitive value guidance for the portfolio to be resold by Bridge Crossing in January of 2014.

“The MIPS Patent Study is a must-have for the business enterprise that is either a provider or user of mobile core logic products,” commented Michael Lubitz, GTT Group’s CEO and Chairman. “The recent news that Bridge Crossing will be reselling its portion of the MIPS patent portfolio prompted the need to support our subscribers with additional analysis insight and patent value guidance.”

GTT Group is currently taking reservations for the value guide’s release in January 2014. For additional information related to the study including subscription information, please contact Dan Buri. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

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