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GTT Group, Inc. Releases December 2014 Patent Transaction Market Outlook Including the Q3 2014 Patent Market Index

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group), the world leader in patent transaction advisory services, releases the Q3 2014 Patent Market Index and Patent Licensing Index in the December 2014 Patent Transaction Market Report.

The Patent Market Index (PMI™) tracks patent transaction activity and patent marketplace trends, and is reported quarterly in the Patent Transaction Market Report (PTMR). The Q3 2014 PMI™ showed an expected return to 108.2 from the Q2 2014 record-setting index high of 128.6 points.

“This decrease in the Q3 2014 PMI is in line with GTT Group expectations and past estimates”, reported Michael Lubitz, CEO and Chairman of GTT Group. “Our forecast has the index remaining at this level or dipping slightly within the normalized range during Q4.”

The Patent Licensing Index (PLI®) tracks activity among publicly traded patent licensing companies to provide comparative performance indicators, and is also reported quarterly in the PTMR.
The Q3 2014 PLI also showed a return to previous levels with an index of 1258, declining from a high of 1467 recorded in the Q2 period.

Obtain a complete copy of the Patent Transaction Market Report through subscription to the Quarterly Patent Transaction Market Report and Patent Market Index. GTT Group makes this information available as a courtesy to the community.

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