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GTT Group releases Patent Licensing Index

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group), the world leader in patent transaction advisory, patent valuation, and patent analysis services is pleased to introduce the Patent Licensing Index (PLI). The PLI® is a pioneering index designed to provide transparency related to publicly traded patent licensing companies. The index is intended to create additional understanding and insight related to the licensing segment of the patent marketplace.

The PLI covers the equity performance of 11 companies that derive their income principally from patent licensing or related activities. The PLI represents the culmination of on-going research and evaluation of the sector, and comparative performance related to other wider industry indexes.

Michael Lubitz, GTT Group’s CEO commented, “Besides GTT Group’s world leading patent transaction and strategic advisory services, GTT Group is the leader in providing vital information related to the patent marketplace, including the Patent Market Index (PMI). GTT Group first introduced the pioneering PMI and quarterly Patent Marketplace Report in 2009. The PMI and Patent Marketplace Report are now key information sources for the patent transaction professional.”

“Following initial investigation into the licensing market we were surprised to find that no bellwether index or professional coverage existed related to publicly traded patent licensing companies. After some thought and discussion we think such information will be very useful to patent professionals and help promote further transparency.”

To obtain a complete copy of PLI information including recent quarterly data, please visit the GTT Group Quarterly Report subscription form. GTT Group makes this information available on a discretionary basis as a courtesy to the community.

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