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GTT Group, Inc. Releases the 2015 Winter Report on Patent Value

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group), the world leader in patent transaction advisory services, releases the Winter 2015 Report: Patent Value.

The GTT Group Winter 2015 Report on Patent Value outlines recent market realities facing patent valuation, including current risks and considerations that should be taken by any patent professional. This Winter Report is intended as a primer regarding patent value considerations in light of recent court decisions and patent reform legislation. Patent valuation methodologies have been under intense scrutiny, especially as those methodologies are applied to standard related patents and commercially important feature patents.

“GTT Group wanted to lend additional clarity to the patent value discussion,” states Michael Lubitz, CEO and Chairman of GTT Group. “Within the patent monetization and patent business strategy context, assessing patent value based on new realities will be critical to positive outcomes whether in a divestiture or licensing scenario. The great disconnect has always been around value, now there is some new lucidity that parties should take advantage of when making patent business decisions.”

The report highlights the monetization risks that need to be considered in the current patent marketplace. The impact that recent court rulings have had on patent validity and patent value is crucial to making the best patent related business decision. The Winter Report explores:

  • Fair Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) obligations for standards essential patents,
  • as well as component and royalty rate apportionment considerations.


The Winter Report also discusses how key patent decisions have altered the value of certain patents in the marketplace:

  • Apple v. Motorola
  • Microsoft v. Motorola
  • Ericsson v. D-Link
  • Alice Corp v. CLS Bank


GTT Group publishes the quarterly Patent Transaction Market Report (PTMR), which includes the Patent Market Index (PMI®), tracking patent transaction activity and patent marketplace trends, and the Patent Licensing Index (PLI®), tracking activity among publicly traded patent licensing companies to provide comparative performance indicators. The 2014 Annual Deal Review will become available in February 2015, reviewing the overall trends of 2014 and the deal leaders.

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