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Patent Valuation Best Practices includes use of GTT Group’s CompDB™

Global Technology Transfer Group Inc. (GTT Group) uses several methodologies when conducting patent valuations. The Comparable Transaction Database (CompDB™) is a foundational tool which is an integral part of our valuation practice.

CompDB is just one of several valuation approaches GTT Group when advising its clients. Valuation approaches include:

      Consensus Expert Valuation based on portfolio assessment (Patent Value Matrix™)
      Licensing Valuation based on latest Court decisions; and
      Comparable Transaction modeling (CompDB)

GTT Group’s CompDB is refreshed and monitored on a daily basis. Our subject matter and market analyst experts review new transaction data and conduct additional research which further refines the data set. Everything in the database is capable of being sorted by seller or buyer, by company, by technology, by price, and other critical data fields.

The patent market is opaque, not clear at all. It is tough to make patent valuation decisions with publicly traded companies where information is available and considered materially sufficient to mandate disclosure, but it is even more difficult to find data for privately held companies. GTT Group has been providing focus and clarity in the patent transaction marketplace for 18 years. We have been continuously gathering relevant data and have become a trust center for the market and our clients.

To find out more about CompDB and GTT Group’s other patent valuation approaches, please contact GTT Group.