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Michael Lubitz, CEO & Chairman, Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc (GTT Group) Speaking at LES Montreal Chapter Meeting September 24, 2015

Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group) CEO & Chairman, Michael Lubitz, will present “Realities of the Patent Marketplace” to the Licensing Executives Society (LES) Montreal Chapter meeting on September 24, 2015. GTT Group is a global patent transaction advisory firm specializing in divestiture, acquisition, valuation, and analysis.

Mr. Lubitz will cover how recent decisions have impacted the marketplace, and the changes in marketplace dynamics in the wake of PTAB and validity challenges. Using real market data, Mr. Lubitz will drive an examination of how the changes affect patent value and market participants. Special attention is given to post-impact trends and the challenges to patent divestiture and licensing, and the likely direction of the patent marketplace including winners and losers.

Decisions regarding patentability, FRAND obligations, and royalty rate apportionment have had an impact on the marketplace. Marketplace dynamics are now changing with the creation of PTAB and its rise as the preferred venue for challenging patent validity. These trends are changing the marketplace, affecting both value and the participants themselves.

LES (USA & Canada) represents a highly diverse community of nearly 4,000 IP, business development and technology professionals that collaborate across multiple industries to create a unique networking and learning environment. LES is a welcoming business community that empowers, connects, and celebrates IP professionals through: Education, Best Practices, Networking, Participation and Mentoring.

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