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GTT Group, Inc. Releases Patent Divestment White Paper Regarding Best Practices for Japan-based Companies

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group), the world leader in patent transaction advisory services, has a long working history of participating in Japanese business activities surrounding patent valuation and divestment, and now releases a best practice guide related to Japan-based corporate patent divestiture, Japan Originating Patent Divestiture: Best Practice Insight For Divestment Program Success.

This report describes current patent divestment activity and characterizes select attributes of patent divestment best practices. In early November 2015 GTT Group plans to offer related intensive workshops in Japan.

“The large percentage of NPE transactions represents lost present value,” commented Michael Lubitz, CEO and Chairman of GTT Group. “Patents divested to a practicing entity (PE) hold strategic value which is reflected in the present transaction price the divesting company receives, while patents hold no other value than licensing and litigation revenue potential for NPE’s.”

GTT Group is making available an on-site workshop titled Best Practices in Corporate Patent Divestiture for interested parties during early November. The complementary workshop will involve a detailed discussion of the corporate patent divestiture function and best practices. Contact Collin Low. to book a time slot. To request a copy of the white paper, Japan Originating Patent Divestiture: Best Practice Insight For Divestment Program Success, please contact GTT Group via email at

GTT Group supports the patent asset business professional community by providing a series of reports, papers, and maintaining patent indices. The Patent Market Index (PMI®) and Patent License Index (PLI®) are available on the GTT Group website. The quarterly Patent Transaction Market Report is available through complimentary subscription along with other reports and papers available through either complimentary or paid access.

The paper Patent M&A and IPO Considerations: Achieving Enterprise Valuation Thresholds, Minimizing IPO Patent Taxes is scheduled for release in late September. Still available are the GTT Group 2015 Winter Report: Patent Value and the 2014 Annual Deal Review. Contact for access to these reports. Obtain a complete copy of the Patent Transaction Market Report through subscription to the Quarterly Patent Transaction Market Report.

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