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Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group) Announces Availability of the Annual Patent Deal Review and Mid Year Outlook

2015 Annual Deal Review Press ReleaseGTT GroupGlobal Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group), the world leader in patent analysis and transaction advisory services, announces the 2015 GTT Group Annual Patent Deal Review and 2016 Mid Year Outlook. The Annual Patent Deal Review and Mid Year Outlook is a complimentary report summarizing patent transaction activities of major market participants and the latest market trends for the year in total, including GTT Group’s PMI® and PLI® market leading indices.

“As in 2014, the 2015 market remained selective with high value strategic assets being the cornerstone of the patent transaction marketplace,” said Michael Lubitz, CEO and Chairman of GTT Group. “The marketplace in 2016 remains highly selective with new emerging technology areas yet to gain significant traction as commercial deployments remain in their infancy.”

GTT Group’s data harvesting efforts include identifying and analyzing patent deals. This information is used by GTT Group to provide comparable valuations, patent acquisition and divestment strategies for GTT Group clients. The original data is sorted and analyzed through proprietary systems and software developed by GTT Group for the specific purpose of patent transaction market analysis and subsequently reviewed by GTT Group analysts.

All GTT Group clients and Patent Transaction Market Report subscribers receive copies of the GTT Group Annual Patent Deal Review & Mid Year Outlook. Contact GTT Group to receive a complimentary copy of the Annual Patent Deal Review & Outlook.

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