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May 2017 Patent Transaction Market Outlook with Q1 2017 Patent Market Index Released Today by GTT Group, Inc.

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group), the world leader in strategic patent analysis and patent transaction services, today makes available the Q1 2017 Patent Market Index (PMI®) and Patent Licensing Index (PLI®) in the May 2017 Patent Transaction Market Report.

The PMI® added another 3.33 points in Q1 2017, continuing both a traditional Q1 rise from Q4 results and an upward trend since Q3 of 2016. This steady rise brings the PMI in line with the range of results displayed over the last three years. Secondary patent assignments also maintained consistent gradual growth. The PLI® (Patent License Index) decreased by 5% from the Q4 2016 year end level.

“GTT Group is predicting a continued incremental upward trajectory in the PMI as other acquirers enter the market driven by market adoption of breakthrough technologies (e.g. autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence) and various business necessities,” says Michael Lubitz, CEO and Chairman of GTT Group. “Recently announced buying programs are indicative of the current market environment, but likely won’t impact the PMI until the end of 2017 or start of 2018.”

Intellectual Ventures was the Most Active Deal Maker in Q1 of 2017, followed by Google and Allied Security Trust. Dolby, RPX, and Stragent had an equal number of transactions to fill out the rest of the Deal Maker chart. The top Seller was Panasonic, followed by 3M, AT&T, and Samsung in a three-way tie.

Obtain a complete copy of the Patent Transaction Market Report through a complimentary subscription to the Quarterly Patent Transaction Market Report and Patent Market Index. Immediate updates on specific patent deals are available using GTT Group’s Patent Deal Alert Service through subscription. GTT Group makes this information available as a courtesy to the community.

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