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Audio Technology Patent Portfolio Announced By Exclusive Divestment Advisor GTT Group

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group), the premier provider of patent analysis and transaction advisory services to information and communication technology companies worldwide, announces the availability of a patent portfolio related to numerous audio technologies.

The portfolio contains 67 global assets in 21 patent families, including 25 issued US patents. Other key jurisdictions with patent coverage include China and Germany. The portfolio covers a variety of audio technologies, including wireless speakers, speech recognition, text-to-speech, and home entertainment systems.

One family in the portfolio is applicable to audio media centers that support wireless connections to a mobile device and streaming audio services. The patented invention relates to methods for playing media files from an application on a mobile device wirelessly connected to a media center. From the mobile app, users can select specific media files to play back or they can build a playlist of files. One example of how this invention is used is streaming music from a smartphone to a wireless speaker. GTT Group has developed evidence of use materials to illustrate adoption of this invention in the market.

Text-to-speech (TTS) functionality is a common feature in operating systems and word processing applications. This functionality enables the playback of written text into human speech. One family in the portfolio is applicable to TTS features that enable users to select and download different voices. The invention enables users to adjust the characteristics of the human speech to match a preferred language or dialect. Evidence of use materials have been prepared by GTT Group subject matter experts to illustrate adoption of this important invention.

Key inventions include wirelessly transferring broadcast media from a mobile phone to wireless headphones; gaming chairs with built-in speakers; and4G LTE devices that support radio access technologies for use with MIMO antennas.

“Our client’s name has been synonymous with innovation in the audio industry for over 50 years,” said GTT Group Director of Asset Services, Andrew Godsey. “This portfolio presents a significant opportunity to build an audio patent portfolio with key inventions that provide coverage of major market participants.”

To receive more information about this opportunity, please contact Andrew Godsey. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

GTT Group is approaching potential buyers and providing materials explaining the strategic advantages of acquiring the portfolio. In addition, GTT Group’s subject matter experts will be available to discuss the strengths of the patents and applications in the market. Offers to acquire the portfolio should be submitted by July 2017.

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