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GTT Group Appointed Exclusive Divestment Advisor of Real-Time Image Filters Patent Portfolio

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group), the premier provider of patent analysis and transaction advisory services to information and communication technology companies worldwide, announces the availability of a patent portfolio related to social networking, messaging and gaming systems.

The portfolio contains nine global assets in two patent families, including three issued US patents. The two families cover technologies related to manipulating images or video to create a customized media stream.

The portfolio contains inventions that relate to creating a composite image by combining portions of a user’s body with other graphical elements. The priority date of the related patents extends back to 1993 with a significant patent term adjustment that extends the life of the patent to 2019.

Social networking and messaging apps enable users to take pictures with their smartphones and customize these images in real time. One popular feature is the ability to superimpose graphic elements, such as a mask, into the photo. The graphic element conforms to the user’s body to create a more authentic experience. Key claims in the portfolio are applicable to these popular features.

Another application of the claimed technology is gaming systems that provide users with the ability to personalize their experience by creating avatars that look like them. Users can upload a picture of themselves and the system will create a custom avatar by combining their face with an animated body. The system adjusts the scale of the user’s head so that it will conform to the rest of the avatar.

The portfolio also contains a family that covers a method for removing elements of an image or video and substituting it with elements from another source. The claims have applicability in a variety of use cases, such as mobile apps that provide “face-swapping” features, film production, animation, video games, etc.

“We believe this portfolio represents a rare opportunity to acquire fundamental patents related to personalized media streams,” remarked Andrew Godsey, GTT Group Director of Asset Services.

To receive more information about this opportunity, please contact Andrew Godsey. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

GTT Group is approaching potential buyers and providing materials explaining the strategic advantages of acquiring the portfolio. In addition, GTT Group’s subject matter experts will be available to discuss the strengths of the patents and applications in the market. Offers to acquire the portfolio should be submitted by October 2017.

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