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GTT Group Appointed Exclusive Advisor To Touch Screen and Optical Waveguide Patent Portfolio Divestiture

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group), the premier provider of patent analysis and transaction advisory services worldwide, announces the availability of a portfolio related to touch screens and optical waveguides.

The patent portfolio was developed by a venture company that raised $60M in funding. The company’s technology included digital waveguide touch systems, which is a touch screen solution that can be applied in various products, such as smartphones, tablets, handheld gaming systems, e-readers, automotive control displays, multimedia players, as well as in ATM’s and gambling machines.

The portfolio contains 15 issued US patents and one US application in nine patent families. The patents generally relate to optical touch systems, optical waveguide platforms, and touch system gestures.

The patented technology can be used in a wide variety of applications, including touch screens, augmented reality (AR) goggles, optical interconnect devices, as well as microfluidics for biomedical applications.

One key invention in the portfolio relates to the user interface of a touch screen device. The patent discloses using a gesture-based user interface to access functions on a device. This feature is relevant to mobile devices with touch screens that allow users to unlock their device using patterns traced by their fingers. GTT Group has prepared evidence of use materials that will be made available to interested purchasers under NDA.

“Touch screens have become a part of our everyday life, revolutionizing the way that we interact with devices around us,” remarked Andrew Godsey, GTT Group Director of Asset Services. “We are excited to be working with innovators in the touch screen field who developed solutions enabling use in a wider range of devices and making touch screen devices more intuitive to use.”

To receive more information about this opportunity, please contact Andrew Godsey. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

GTT Group is approaching potential buyers and providing materials explaining the strategic advantages of acquiring the portfolio. In addition, GTT Group’s subject matter experts will be available to discuss the strengths of the patents and applications in the market. Offers to acquire the portfolio should be submitted by November 2017.

Optical Touch Patent Portfolio GTT Group

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