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Patent Trove™ from GTT Group mines patent applications for business decision support

GTT Group’s Patent Trove™ patent application knowledge service reveals visual clues to technology ownership leading to a deeper understanding of business developments within the related industry. The patent application knowledge service is part of the larger PatentTroveSuite available to GTT Group clients and which includes access to a variety of patent analytical tools including GTT Group’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Market Intelligence Platforms.

Functions and features

  • Search interface to find companies and technologies
  • Visual presentation of technology evolution by sector
  • Technology status presented as Early bird, Part-of-the-crowd, Late-comer designations
  • Each status having their own color to clarify status of technology cycle
  • Activity and contribution by company
  • Most active companies per industry

The developed application runs constantly, checking the latest patent applications and creating technology timelines for each search by comparing technologies.

The patent application knowledge service provides an interesting view of potential technology ownership by volume and value. The service retrieves, validates and compiles technology projections based on U.S. Patent and Trademark Office utility patent applications from 2002 onwards. In addition, users can see activity for each company (top assignee) and their overall IPR contribution compared to their peers, as well as a breakdown for various technologies. The service also works as a discovery engine to explore patent activity by technology.

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