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GTT Group, Inc. Releases May 2018 Patent Transaction Market Outlook Including the Q1 2018 Patent Market Index

Monday, May 21st, 2018

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group), the world leader in strategic patent analysis and patent transaction services, today makes available the Q1 2018 Patent Market Index (PMI®) and Patent Licensing Index (PLI®) in the May 2018 Patent Transaction Market Report.

The PMI® followed its traditional Q1 recovery pattern, rising 19.6% to wipe out the Q4 decline of 15% and match the range of the previous 2017 quarters. The monitored secondary patent assignments also rose to 2,042, besting the Q3 2017 recording levels and aligning with the Q1 2018 PMI® increase.

“The PMI has returned to the 90 plus range and the patent transaction market continues to follow the trend started in 2016 of slow, but steady growth,” explains Michael Lubitz, CEO and Chairman of GTT Group. “It is likely the market will maintain the steady growth and we continue to expect most of the growth will be driven by smaller transactions, as shown in our monitored secondary patent assignments.”

Allied Security Trust (AST) continued as the leader in the Most Active Deal Maker acquirers from Q4 2017 into Q1 2018. Previous leader RPX, along with Samsung, Siemens, and Uber also made the list. AT&T led the list of sellers, with ITRI, Panasonic, and Fujitsu holding second place. A six-way tie for third position includes Harris, Intellectual Discovery, Intel, IBM, Kodak, and Cypress Semiconductor.

Obtain a complete copy of the Patent Transaction Market Report through a complimentary subscription to the Quarterly Patent Transaction Market Report and Patent Market Index. Immediate updates on specific patent deals are also available using GTT Group’s Patent Deal Alert Service through subscription. GTT Group makes this information available as a courtesy to the community.

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